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Letters from Secretary General

Greetings Delegates,

Welcome to President Model United Nations (PresMUN) 2018! It is a great honor and pleasure for me to serve as the seventh Secretary-General of PresMUN which will be held from Wednesday, 19 September 2018 until Saturday, 22 September 2018 at Celecton Hotel Jababeka, Cikarang, Indonesia. Since its first establishment in 2012, PresMUN has managed to gather more than a hundred MUN enthusiasts nationally and internationally. PresMUN 2018 will again try its best to maintain and achieve higher level of success than its predecessors, through providing opportunities for all delegates to act as UN representatives in an effort to gain practical skills while gaining enjoyable memories by the social activities as well as our well-known hospitality.

This year’s big theme, technology, came to mind because of the fact that the world has turned into a more complex one with the birth of globalization. Another reason is that the world has changed from the post-cold war era into a cyber era. With numerous exquisite inventions came to place, for example cyberspace, border doesn’t really matter any more. What shall be the next step is for us to take and learn these developments thus humanity can survive. With all of that came into consideration, PresMUN this year will challenge and make all delegates understand the importance of technology and how dangerous the world will be if it is left unprepared. Through 5 of PresMUN 2018’s councils, delegates are expected to realize the importance of technology for the current world. In UNSC, delegates are expected to know and understand the danger of cybercrime and cyber terrorism, UNDP on the other hand, will help delegates to know that technology can be used to bring a better life through poverty alleviation and developing indigenous people. With ITU, delegates will help to build the young generation’s awareness of the danger of cyber-terrorism as well as helping to maintain global health through understanding of technology. With Press Corps, delegates will advance their skills in being a reporter which must make news fact and accurate to help the society knew about the world. The last but certainly not the least, Crisis Committee, where delegate will use their imagination and critical thinking as well as diplomatic skill to gain more experience as a delegate.

Therefore, I, Rachmat Al Hafizh, as the Secretary-General of PresMUN 2018, invite all of you to participate and gain knowledge as much as possible as well gain more friend and relations with a warm welcome from our committee.

Best Regards,

Rachmat Al Hafizh,

Secretary-General of President Model United Nations 2018


President Model United Nations 2018

Envisioning an Exquisite Outlook: A Call For Global Synergy in The Technological Era