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By Hanun Thalia, BBC
Updated 21:30 PM  September 16,2016

“Kill or be killed — we have no option but to eliminate these aliens.” Says the Lieutenant Commander Freya Kiel firmly on the third committee session.

The crew has encountered yet another new species of alien, a squid like creature that seem to be dangerous with a very fast growth spurt. It was remained kept in the laboratory by the previous crew until they unlocked it, resulting three members trapped in the laboratory. Fortunately, they were able to flee and are still alive at this moment.

The crew is now deciding what actions they should take to survive.

‘Kill them all’

Geologist Oki Andeni Malta believes that they should kill them directly as soon as they got the chance. “Boom!” he expresses the annihilation of these species.

Tackling this issue by simply obliterating any species that come to view may not exactly the best way, but it minimalizes any risk to be taken. As it emphasized by Nurse Thesa that their main objection now is to survive, to not get killed and kill instead.

They have decided that diplomacy is not the way and war is in order.

“The real objective of war is to stop the intention of war,” Lieutenant Commander Freya Kiel states before continuing, “We need to kill them all. We will live there so we need to take over everything.”

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