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by Olivia Dwi Nastiti, Al-Jazeera

Updated 21:34, Thursday, 16 September, 2016

Cikarang, West Java – Petroleum is the energy source that cannot be renewed, however all of us depends on it. The problem now is although the oil still not running out, but when the oil running out. This is what we call the world oil crisis. Not only oil running out now, some natural gas also run to crisis too, because of many peoples in this world did not have any responsibility to save energy.

The delegate of India started talking about the consequence of high oil development and the dilemma, they said that, they should find the consequence for the transportation who made a water pollution.

Saudi Arabia said that the world is depend on oil, because oil is the main commodity too. They want to discuss about the consequence from the water pollution and make a win-win-solution.

In contrary with France, their oil always come from outside (import). However, they did not use much oil, because of that France not really depend on the oil.

The conference of ECOSOC still complicated, however according today Press Conference, they have been started on Draft Resolution and agree on working together. Let’s see in the end of last committee session.

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