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September 16, 2016
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GA-DISEC: The Call for Transparency in Biological Warfare

by Hanun Thalia, BBC

Updated 18:42, Thursday, 15 September, 2016

The members of the UN General Assembly Disarmament and International Security (GA-DISEC) Committee declines and denies any involvements with biological warfare despite the many signs over the years.

The development of biological weapons has created tension and conflicts among nations for decades. It is perceived as against the human rights and considered a threat that might trigger the next world war.

Although treaties and laws regarding biological weapons may have been created, such as the Geneva Protocol and Biological Weapon Convention, there are still indications of countries, both who signed and did not, developing biological weapons and testing health hazardous being on local residents.

‘A defense mechanism’

Several delegates argues that the development of biological weapons in their country act only as a defense mechanism for their country.

“We developed the biological weapons as a defense in our country. We only use the biological weapons as a defense in our military sector.” Affirms the delegate of Iran, Rayhan Devan.

New resolution

Seeing that the past resolutions do not cover all regulations needed by the nations, it is only logical that they need to, as the delegate of Turkey – Ihsan Chairdiansyah – said, make their own resolutions in biological weapon.

Many countries, mainly the developing countries, admitted that they do not have any national laws that bind the usage of biological warfare. Regard to this issue, the delegates suggest the countries who haven’t signed the Biological Weapon Convention to sign it and ratify their laws. Another suggestion is to reinforce the protocols and make clear consequences if anyone breaks the protocol.

What has been done is done. Let’s see what the future has in store for us.

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