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by Amelia Lim, MetroTV Reporter

Updated 16:58, Thursday, 15 September, 2016

Cikarang, West Java – After going through a series of encounters with unidentified creatures, acidic lakes and flood, and numerous physical injuries, the Andromeda base on Mars has discovered today. A team which consist of 13 experts in Crisis Committee carried out their mission to scout and observe the environment. They expect and hope to find a new “Earth” to ensure human survival.

There are no signs of  forced entry and the interior of the base is in good condition. However, the things are left recklessly as if the previous crew were in hurry. The team discovered a vintage issue of Playboy magazine, two painkiller tablets, a personal tablet computer, a doctor Halsey, and the commander’s personal tablet computer in the premise.

After hacking the personal computer and allowing the psychologist and mission specito analyze items and deduct conclusions from them, the team reveals the reason for abandoning ship. The previous crew brought in an unidentified creature which went out of control. They managed to flee the ship in an attempt to protect themselves.

“Currently we are facing the same threat as the old crew. We haven’t decided what will happen to us yet. So we don’t have the opportunity to realy study the information provided by the crew,” claims Min Ji-Eun, the psychologist of the team.

The team is hoping for the success of the mission. Hyuga Natsui, a volunteer nurse, says, “I believe the crisis committee will be able to battle the issues headstrong regardless of any circumstances.”

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