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By Aqila Sheila Zhafira, CNN
Updated 10:09 AM September 16, 2016

Cikarang,West Java (CNN) – In the last January, North Korea did the forth nuclear test that used hydrogen bomb for the first time. Then, a couple of months after that, Pyongyang launched a satellite that is known as submarine-based ballistic missile test.

There is a lot pros and cons has happened in UNSC (United Nation Security Council). Included People Republic of China that uphold the veto right in UNSC, they have considered that the hydrogen bomb test from North Korea as a potential threat to be their security rival indirectly.

“We already sent warning to North Korea, and we’re going to give their sanctions if necessary. Because the damage already there, so what the UNSC to do is to prevent the worst occasion that will be happen,” said the delegate of People Republic of China, Theodorus Nico.

In the contrary, People Republic of China, USA declared that they wanted to remove all their sanctions that have been given to North Korea. It do that in order to see how North Korea would response. However, some countries disagree with the USA.  Therefore the tension of the debate is still high.

“We won’t  remove all our sanctions that we already given to North Korea simultaneously, but we will do it step by step.” as the delegate of United Stated of America, Dedy said.

“But, It’s very important that we must consider what is North Korea want, if we just removing sanctions it won’t be enough.” told the delegate of Ukraine, Maria Frederika.

As we know during the Press Conference, the UNSC still trying to discusses about the best solution to cope with the usage of North Korea’s nuclear weapons because it will effect the whole world if the weapons are really used. Therefore, we hope tomorrow UNSC can resolve the situation and pass an effective resolution peacefully.

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