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by Nanda Nurlaeli Santiwi, ABC

Updated 19:12, Thursday, 15 September, 2016

Oil has a big role to keep the stabilization of economic in each country. As it is crucial and also limited commodity, the crisis which resulted by oil, creates domino impact to the other country.

As it mentioned in ECOSOC today, every country might have different level of impact. The most influenced one is the developing countries. For instance, India and Indonesia. The oil crisis is a big threat for those countries because they need to supply a lot of energy to fulfill many sectors like transportation, industry, and manufacturing.

As it stated by delegate of India – Ni Putu Ardilayanti – “If the country will need more supply energy, it’s very important for India to look for alliance.”

Industry, manufacturing, and transportation are complex parts for a country’s economy while the oil crisis will bring impact to those sectors. As the Indonesia delegate – Glory Septhica Anggriani – said, “if the sector that will get the worst impact is transportation because in Indonesia or even Finland oil is the main fuel for the transportation unlike Japan who tried to propose renewable energy as a solution to replace oil in case if oil is run out because in fact Japan has been success with renewable energy.”

Transportation has a big role as transportation instrument so people can reach another place in a country or to another country. Another important role of transportation is to distribute goods for manufacturing needs so it can operate and fulfil the citizen’s right like food and medicine. So when the oil crisis happen it will obstruct the important role of transportation to operate the economy in a country and in the world.

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