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by Amelia Lim, MetroTV Reporter

Updated 19.54, Friday, 16 September, 2016

Cikarang, West Java – 10 members of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) engage in a heated discussion earlier this morning at Sahid Jaya Hotel on solving the Ukraine crisis.

The Ukraine crisis is a political tension involving protests of civilians condemning the government’s decisions to work with Russia. The illegal annexation of Crimea ignites further rebellion among the people.

Rebels, otherwise known as the freedom fighters, are supplied with weaponry by the Russian Federation. The rebellion has taken toll on the countries’ economy, the country’s national identity, as well as the lives of many.

Recognizing the detrimental consequences, NATO strives to achieve a common ground to end the issue effectively and eliminate chances of war.

The current sanctions have failed to deter the Russian Federation from being involved with the rebellion of the freedom fighters in the Eastern Ukraine.

“We have seen that the economic sanctions that we have imposed against Russia is effective in weakening the Russian Ruble and its grasp on companies, but is not effective in reducing Putin’s political power,” states Giffari, a representative from Lithuania.

NATO is currently considering on removing Russia from the World Trade Organization (WTO). Representatives from France, the U.S.A., Lithuania, and Germany are in support with this idea.

The council will continue to discuss solutions in the hopes of ending this long-lasting issue with as little casualties as possible.

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