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UNSC: “Sanctions Ineffective in Controlling North Korea’s Nuclear Activities”

by Amelia Lim, MetroTV Reporter

Updated 16.35, Thursday, 15 September, 2016

Cikarang, West Java – The United Security Council (UNSC) holds the first committee session attended by 19 delegates at Sahid Jaya Lippo Hotel on Thursday to discuss potential solutions to counter and control the DPRK’s (Democratic People Republic of Korea) secretive nuclear activities in order to achieve global peace and security.

Despite the repeated warnings and sanctions given by the UNSC, the DPRK continues to conduct nuke tests, with 5 successful tests since 2006. Therefore, indicating that imposing stronger sanctions will be ineffective to countering the current issue.

Nevertheless, the possession of nuclear weapons is necessary in terms of self-defense reason. However, it is important that countries possessing these weapons to not commit violations that will disrupt the society.

“We think that the possession of nuclear weapons is necessary because we need to also acknowledge that each country has the rights to access self-defense, but we don’t agree as the Republic of China that what kind of self-defense that needs to be constituted in the entity. Whether or not nuclear weapon can be defined as a justification for having a concrete self-defense. For example, are they going to violate the possession of their weapons, “ says Nicho, a representative of the People’s Republic of China.

The council strives to negotiate with the DPRK to be more transparent on their nuclear activities and open for the implementation of supervisory bodies in the country to monitor their WMD activities.

At the end of the day, the UNSC have reached a consensus to loosen sanctions, create a supervisory body, and acknowledge the DPRK as a nuclear state, as it stated by the representative of France during the Press Conference.

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