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By Hanun Thalia, BBC

Updated: 10:09 am; Saturday, September 17, 2016

Not long after the previous attack, once again they found themselves in an unfortunate situation. Looking at it now, 6-meter aliens with tentacles was only a pebble on their road.

Outer space expedition is indeed an unpredictable journey. There is no limit to what is out there. The crew has continued their expedition and safely gone to the captain’s cabin. Inside they found logs from the previous crew.

The logs show that the previous crew was attacked by another alien and possibly there are still one alien left frozen on the ship. There is little chance of any members surviving as there is only limited supply.

Another human?

Upon their arrival in Cryo chamber with keys found in the Captain’s cabin, they stumbled on pods, with only one working.

Assuming that it was a human in the pod, they activated  it.

It was, indeed, human. However, it was indicated that she was a host to some kind of parasitic alien.

Without warning, her chest burst open and an alien came out. The crew managed to escape to the armory room, but with some crews infected by the alien.

United we stand, divided we fall

“We need to go to the defense formation by using the weapons that we have.” Says Nurse Thesalonica Shinta. They determine that staying together is the best way to deal with the situation even with the 3 infected members.

After all, ‘United we stand, divided we fall’

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