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by Nanda N. S., ABC

Updated: 20:49, September 16, 2016

Turkey’s delegation said if he supports the private company in biological research, but Iran’s delegation gave an evidence of biological research.

Biological research by private company has a big role to help the government to do a biological research and prevent the biological agents. The capability of private company can help to develop a potential to be beneficial behind the biological research.

To handle the biological research, the private company should be transparent about the research to ensure if the company do the right thing to develop biotechnology and not biology weapon, said the delegation of Germany, Rachmat Al Hafiz.

The potential of private company in biological research can be a threat for the nation without transparency. The fact gave by the delegation of Iran Muhammad Devan about biological research abuse in Japan and US by private company that used the biotechnology weapon to threat the nation. Transparency is needed to control and monitor related to biological research.

How to create a transparency?

“Giving a report every six months to WHO to prevent misuse,”  said the delegation of Mexico Edwina Araini Setiawan. Perhaps other UN body also can cooperate to work hands in hands.

The potential of private company in biological research can be a good chance but also a big threat for the nation without right regulation.

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