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By Aqila Sheila Zhafira, CNN
Updated 17:47 PM  September 16, 2016

Cikarang, West Java (CNN) – Today, UNSC has 2 blocks in the council. The tension was still hot and its discussion was still fruitful. Most of issue they discuss was what the proper sanctions if North Korea use nuclear weapons.

“The UNSC exert with all of our efforts to resolve this problem.” said Maria Feredika, the delegate of Ukraine.

Recently, North Korea keep trying to accomplish their nuclear weapons so they can clutch all the district and censure the world under their nuclear attacks. As a result, the UNSC have to work harder by take the additional steps  to show to North Korea that there’s decisive consequences for their hazardous action that violate the law.

UNSC itself has already given the newest economy sanctions to North Korea, which is limiting their financial transaction by all North Korea’s Banks and prohibit all the aviation that is indicated to bring all of the export items after Pyongyang did the forth nuclear test in the last January.

Unfortunately, North Korea seems underestimating and defy the sanction which is given. Moreover, North Korea answered the UNSC sanctions with shoot away 6 bullets or rocket to the Korea’s peninsula area.

Moreover, United Nation Security Council is still in the peacefully way to conquer the North Korea’s Nuclear Weapon. It is trying to adopted new resolution to impose tougher sanctions to North Korea but in the veritable way. How the ending will be? We expect for the best, peace.



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