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by Amelia Lim, MetroTV Reporter

Updated 04:00, Saturday, 17 September, 2016

Cikarang, West Java – Abruptly awaken in the middle of the night, the crew discovered the Andromeda ship being invested with numerous xenophorbs, one of which is the dangerous xenoqueen.

Xeno attacks have caused serious physical casualties among several crew members. In an attempt of maintaining the safety and survival of the whole crew, the members must find a way to flee the ship.

The crew agrees that the only escape from the xeno crowd is to explode the Andromeda ship. However, risk of losing valuable data to support the goal of the mission is inevitable.

Nevertheless, the plan of escape must be executed to ensure the success of the mission. The team managed to flee from the planet and continue their journey to the Red Planet with the hopes of achieving a breakthrough for the future of humankind.

Will they make it? We will see.

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