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Olivia Dwi Nastiti – Al-Jazeera

September, 16th 2016

(Cikarang – West Java) Today, UNSC there are two blocks that have different purpose. One block said that they agree to give recognition to Democratic People’s Republic of Korea or North Korea to be a nuclear state. But, on the other side, they think it’s not necessary to give that to North Korea.

North Korea is internationally isolated. Industry bankrupt and being the impoverished country. But, in the other hand, North Korea is a country with high technology weaponry. Its nuclear weapons tests also always frightening its surrounding.

“Other terrorist country can see this as the opportunity to be recognition too, to be nuclear state too, and they can make the North Korea as the example. So if some state being the nuclear state, that would be a war,” said Tanyaporn Throngprasertchai, the delegate from Angola.

The problem which lies on North Korea’s leader itself, seems a dilemma. It is because from some problem we can see that his inner mind is a radical conflict of self-doubt and megalomanic narcissism as the previous Nazi Party’s leader, Hitler.

It is expected that the UNSC will find proper solution for this problem. Peace, is what want for, isn’t it?

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