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by All Delegate of Press Corps

Updated: 09.16 am; Saturday, September 17, 2016

Cikarang, West Java (PresMUN Press Corps) – It has been 4 days all of us jump in to rushing situation. Observing, interviewing, sensing, reporting, and deadline; has become our daily food during the President Model United Nations (PresMUN) 2016 as a delegate of Press Corps.

Hanun Thalia, the BBC Reporter admits that it is no doubt that being a journalist is not easy. They have to be ready at anytime, anywhere. They even have to be prepared for the worst scenario.

Unlike the other conventional council, Press Corps has unique and special task to do. They are allowed to freely go anywhere they wan to go and involving to the atmosphere from other council, in order to capture some interesting fact to be reported.

Being a press delegate does not only involve writing news report in a constrained time-frame. There is a lot more that is expected. Delegates are required to display good critical thinking skills in analyzing the progress and situation in each assigned council. The ability to present news report from different and unthinkable angles is highly taken into account of.

Racing against the time

As it required to make 2 articles in a day and having Press Conference in the end of the Committee Session, they need to spend relentless hours spend on laptop desperately. However, the adrenaline rushing through their veins, having  exclusives moment to interview the delegates, finding more things because of going to every council will never be forgotten by them.

“Time management, handling pressure, and communication skills, a lot can be learned from this adventure.” admits Amelia Lim, the delegate who act as MetroTV reporter.

“We should be the fast thinker, we need to catch up the information to be reported. Sometimes, it makes us crazy too because it was really hard to follow if you didn’t follow since the start. That’s why you must give your attention much for the committee session.” told Olivia Dwi Nastiti, who act as Al-Jazeera in this occasion.

“The fun thing being a journalist, is the time racing and under-pressure race which ask us to be critical, creative and also sensitive to the surrounding.” says Fika Dian, as the Chair.


As a fresh journalist, Hanun Thalia admits that there were nights when she could not get a good sleep due to the anxiety of not getting any publish-worthy news.

Despite all of those challenges, all of them admit it can rise up the confidential feeling. It is because they need to talk in the public, whether it is for interview or  press conference. In addition, the critical thinking skill also being exercised. We should asking a critical question based on their committee session, it will be hard if we didn’t have any confidential.

“A 4-day journey full of colors” – a phrase that will never accurately describe the amazing experience of being part of the Press Corps.


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