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Methildis Ayu Emanuela (USG of Substance)
Hello MUN Enthusiasts! I am Methildis Ayu Emanuela, a sophomore of International Relations in President University. This year’s PresMUN puts the focus on humanitarian issues which has been increasingly occurred throughout the globe. For me, human welfare is the main prerequisite for achieving a truly peaceful and prosperous for world society. Currently, there are still a lot of people who are still struggling to fulfil their basic needs such as food and clothes. Many of them even live in terror and fear due to the insurgencies happening in certain region which is very unfortunate. Substance team and I have put our greatest effort in composing the theme, councils and topics thus we really hope that you will be interested and inspired. Ensuring equitable prosperity is our aim so we build upon all of our delegates would expand their insights, as well as increasing their awareness and critical thinking skill as well. Model United Nations is indeed a challenge as it goes beyond a competition which is not only about delivering speech and composing resolutions. Here, you will get a lot of experience since you are going to learn, expand your network and enjoy your time. I wish all delegates a dynamic yet substantial discussion throughout the committee sessions in the five chambers of PresMUN 2017.

Warmest Regards,

Methildis Ayu Emanuela

USG of Subtance