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African Union

The President Model United Nations African Union will be concerning about two issues which is:

  1. The Lake Chad Basin Emergency: Addressing the Humanitarian Crises
  2. Human Capital Crisis in the African States

Topic Description

Topic A:
The Lake Chad Basin Emergency: Addressing the Humanitarian Crises

The Lake Chad Basin is grappling with a complex humanitarian emergency affecting some 17 million people across north-eastern Nigeria, Cameroon’s Far North, western Chad and south-east Niger. The combined impact of deepening insecurity, rapid population growth and severe vulnerability resulting from the effects of climate change, environmental degradation, poverty and underinvestment in social services is translating into record numbers of people in need of emergency relief. More than 2.3 million people have fled their homes. Violence and insecurity have disrupted trade and markets. The ongoing conflict has dramatically reduced both the availability of food and people’s ability to purchase it. Some 3.8 million people are facing severe food insecurity and going hungry in the Lake Chad Basin region. The devaluation of the Nigerian naira as a result of the drop in global oil prices with similar risks posed to its neighbouring countries.

Topic B:
Human Capital Crisis in the African States

Human capital is a substantial aspect to be considered in achieving prosperity as one of the states’ goals. The main core of Human capital encompasses the skills, knowledge and experience that should be possessed by its people as the states’ agent of change. The current status quo shows that a lot of states are still striving to fulfil its people needs, especially in the form of funding its supporting facilities. In the other hand, the African states are popular for their rich and worthy natural resources. But alas, their rich land is mainly taken over by a lot of foreign companies and the majority profit goes to the foreign companies with the little share to its host country. This condition challenges the idea of Inclusive growth that work aligns with the idea of Human capital. The debate is giving both optimistic and pessimistic view on how the states under the name of African Union could achieve one of the goals in Agenda 2063: “A Prosperous Africa, based on inclusive growth and sustainable development”.


Glady Fabiola(African Union) - Chair
Glady Fabiola is currently an international Relations student at UniversitasPelitaHarapan. She is at her final year as Southeast Asia studies student.Glady began her career in Model United Nations when she was still in high school. She is currently serving as the Secretary General of UPH Model United Nations Community (UPHMUNC). She has explored the MUN scene from the perspective of delegate, chair, and organizing committee. Glady has snatched several awards along the way, including Best Delegate at Bandung Model United Nations 2016 Historical Crisis Council and Best Position Paper at Jogjakarta International MUN 2016 at Historical Arab League. Glady has chaired international and national MUNs, including UNHRC atNottingham University Model United Nations 2016 and DISEC at Padjadjaran Model United Nations 2017. She was chosen to chair UNESCO council at United Nations Vietnam Model Conference 2016, a Model Conference that was held by United Nations Vietnam Office.


Glady Fabiola

Chair of African Union


Khansa Aqila Co-Chair
It is such an honor to welcome you to President Model United Nations 2017. Khansa Aqila Ryantono is a second year student in President University, Majoring International Relations. She takes Defense and security strategic studies as her concentration. In this particular time Khansa will be chairing you as the co-Director in African Union Council. Khansa started her MUNs in her first year in university. Her first participation was Singapore Model United Nations 2016 in NUS, Singapore. Being vacuum for almost one year, she come back in ASEAN Youth General Forum 2017 and brought several awards such Best Delegate in UNHRC, Best Position Paper in UNHRC, and best delegate in ASEAN Socio-Cultural FGD. Her next MUN was Jayabaya Model United Nations 2017 and was awarded as Honourable Mention in SOCHUM committee. The latest MUN that she participated was Airlangga Youth Model United Nations 2017 and was awarded as Best Delegate in International Labour Organization. She looks forwards to meeting each and every one of you, Delegates, in PresMUN2017 !


Khansa Aqila

Co-Chair of African Union


Dimas Bagas Arya Co-Chair
Dimas Bagas Arya is an International Relations student in President University. Back then, he was one of the IULX student exchange to USA in 2012. He is a debater who loves to improve his public speaking in any ways it takes. However, he found himself comfortable MUN-ing world and has been passionate in MUNs ever since. He likes to study humanitarian issue and crises. He also got his MUN experiences in many MUN such as Singapore MUN and others. Previously chairing in NATO of last year’s PresMUN, now he would like to challenge himself in another regional body which is African Union. He is more than excited to welcome all delegates to speak out their voice and create the most feasible way out.


Dimas Bagas Arya

Co-Chair of African Union