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Crisis Committee

Cabinet of Wakanda: The Aftermath of Infinity War


Crisis Committee is a type of Model UN council; categorized as unconventional. Unlike other councils, here, delegates could represent more a state – but also characters with missions to complete. In this council, delegates may explore a world of unlimited fantasy and travel to the past or even the future.

"A Letter from Djalia"

Dear my people,

After the encounter between humans and Thanos, the future of nations became fully ambiguous. The Infinity War was a momentum unlike anything of the history; it was beyond any predictions that no countries may escape, even for my Wakanda. With the toll of the Infinity War and the decision of your King, T’Challa, to transform Wakanda into a state that truly contributes to the International Community, Wakanda is no longer the same. Security, social, economy –, every single aspect of my Wakanda are now uncertain. Now, I am here to challenge, to beg, and to see you Delegates, to seat in the positions of my Ministers; to decide what Wakanda should do; to hear my people and give what they need; all for the future of my Wakanda

-Bast, Protector of Wakanda