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United Nations Security Council (UNSC)

Maintaining the International Peace and Security: Addressing the Threat of Cyber Warfare


UNSC is one of the six main organs of the United Nations under primary responsibility to maintain peace and security. UNSC has distinctive characteristics which lie upon the ultimate power of veto right owned by its five permanent members and the role of ten non-permanent members which have two-year terms of service. The council has the authority to determine the existence of a threat or aggression that might threaten world peace.

Topic Description

With great power comes great responsibility. Amidst the high pace of technological and digital development, there comes a new issue which can threaten the world in the realm of cyber space. The 21st Century provides a new era of war development as it also encompasses cyber-attacks as an instrument of war. The almost untouchable cyber-attack becomes a big issue and has become a trend for traitors of peace—be it state actors and non-state actors. It has immense potential to shut down the integral system of public services, hack down national data security, and destruct military instrument and the system through espionage and sabotage. In the duty of maintaining international peace and security, it has become the responsibility of the United Nations Security Council to address the issues that causes instability among countries. The council will discuss the notion of how cyber-attacks and cyber warfare can be further addressed and to prevent the attacks from state and non-state actors through better approach and solutions than ever before.