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Opening Party : Sunset in Hawaii

Dresscode : Summer Vibes
Opening Party of President Model United Nations aims to formally open the PresMUN 2017 activities through an outdoor-dining event which will be pretty much relaxing for the delegates. The theme of Sunset in Hawaii was taken from the idea of MOANA movie, and the event will later be accompanied by acoustic music and beautiful hawaiian decoration. The uniqueness atmosphere within the music, performances and decorations aim to fill the delegates’ spirit for the next 3 days sessions.
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Social Night : Monsters’ Night Out

Dresscode: Mythical Creature Costumes
Social Night is a sub-event of President Model United Nations which aims to create bonds among delegates through a spiritful event. We present music dance, impressive performances, and ofcourse.. a Disc Jockey! This year’s PresMUN Social Night theme is Monsters’ Night Out, which was inspired by Hotel Transylvania movie. The interesting concept aims to bring the diversity and uniqueness of every mythical creatures which will arise some laughs and happiness among the delegates.
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Closing : City of Dreams

Dresscode: Elegant British in 50’s
Closing party is the last agenda conducted by President Model United Nations’s committees which aims to give last memorable touch to all delegates, as well as giving recognition through the Awarding Session. PresMUN 2017 Closing Party brings the theme of City of Dreams which was inspired by the La La Land movie. This formal event will be accompanied by mellow jazz music and 1950’s beautiful decorations which create relaxing and unforgettable moments for the delegates.
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