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Opening Party : A Tale of 1001 Nights

Dresscode : Middle East Vibes
Each Party in PRESMUN 2018 will embrace a certain culture from around the world. The Opening Party of President Model United Nations 2018 will take the theme "A Tale of One Thousand and One Arabian Nights", which will bring the Arabian hype into a warm and welcoming dinner party for all delegates. Within this party, delegates can feel the heat of the Middle East, with beautiful desserts stretching to the horizon and colorful tapestry. This party will be the formal opening ceremony for President Model United Nations. We hope that the experience can give beautiful, everlasting memories of a night well-spent for all delegates.

Social Night : Motel Mexicola

Dresscode: Festive Mexican

"Don't wait for the perfect moment. Take the moment, and make it perfect."

Now, we are going to introduce our second party which is social night. In this party, we'll be bringing the famous feel of"Motel Mexicola" to the table with Mariachi bands and Mexican songs that will surely get your bodies moving and your vocal chords singing! It is also the perfect time to socialize and mingle with the other delegates. Of course, you will experience it all only in PresMUN 2018!

This theme is inspired by a Mexican restaurant in Bali. That place is filled to the brim with Mexican flare, from the decoration, the food and the beverages, and of course the music. That's why we choose it as the theme of our social night party. It is very suitable for this social night which will blend the delegates into one big cocktail of joy, !Delicioso!

It sounds pretty cool, right? So, don't forget to dress up like a Mexican for the festivities that will go down. We suggest that you wear a bunter Mexicaner poncho for the charming gentlemen and a flirty flamenco costume for the lovely ladies because we want to see the festive side of you!

Closing : The Magical 'Old but Gold' Night

Dresscode: European Star in 1850’s

Let us introduce you to the last party of PRESMUN 2018! The theme is "The Magical 'Old but Gold' Night", this closing Party aims to formally close the PRESMUN 2018 activities.

It is inspired by 'The Greatest Showman' movie, an 1850s European-styled dinner party awaits the delegates, what's on the menu? A glamorous experience of dinning in 1850s Europe! The magical performances and breathtaking atmosphere of a European circus night will be presented for the delegates.

So don't forget to dress up like a European star in the 1850s! Just like P.T. Barnum and Charity Barnum from the Greatest Showman! Please show the magical side of you!