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Frequently Asked Questions

• What Is PresMUN all about?

President Model United Nations (PresMUN) is an academic simulation of the United Nations conference. Model UN is where someone represents assigned-country and work with other delegates to find common approach to certain global issue. On the national level, PresMUN has achieved certain reputation and is often deemed as one of the most prestigious MUN conferences in Indonesia despite its young age.


• Is this PresMUN new?

This year will be PresMUN’s sixth year of MUN Conference. It has become President University’s annual event since its first conference in 2012.


• Who is the organizer of PresMUN ?

PresMUN is organized by President University Model United Nations (PUMUN) under the International Relations study program.


• When is PresMUN 2017?

The conference will take place on September 13 – 16, 2017.


• Where does PresMUN 2017 take place?

Hotel The Celecton Cikarang, Jababeka, Bekasi.


• What is this year’s PresMUN theme?

Our theme for PresMUN 2017 is “Equitable Prosperity: Re-Intensifying a Steadfast Global Cooperation”.



• What is this year’s PresMUN tagline?

PresMUN 2017 tagline is “Striving for Humanity, United in Harmony”.


• What are the councils & topics of PresMUN 2017?

  • General Assembly – Economy and Financial (ECOFIN). As the Second Committee of United Nations’ General Assembly, this committee is created to address various global concerns, particularly in economic field which might threaten world stability and hamper current development.

Topic A:  Fostering Economic Prosperity in Landlocked Developing Countries (LLDCs) through More Open and Fairer Trade Arrangement

Topic B:  Promoting Green Economy to Achieve A Resilient and Equitable Social Welfare Development


  • United Nations Security Council (UNSC). UNSC has distinctive characteristics which lie upon the ultimate power of veto owned by its five permanent members and the role of ten non-permanent members which serve for two-year term. It has the authority to determine the existence of threat or aggression that might harm world peace.

Topic: India-Pakistan on Kashmir Territorial Conflict Strategic Measurement to Solve the Disputed Area


  • African Union. Founded in 2001, African Union tries to resolve issues faced by the continent including colonization, apartheid, and territorial disputes through collaboration with United Nations and other international organizations.

Topic A: The Lake Chad Basin Emergency: Addressing Humanitarian Crises

Topic B: Human Capital Crisis in African States


  • Crisis Committee. As a non-conventional entity, Crisis Committee delivers a unique conference in its own style. Delegates would be assigned as a country or character based on the chosen topic, mostly fiction, composed by the staffs. This year, President Model United Nations will take on futuristic Crisis Committee, where delegates are given unexpected missions to sustain the existence of humankind in severely-damaged Earth.

Topic: C.I.T.R.O.N: The Final Cure


  • Press Corps. This council is an attraction in UN simulation as it just emerged recently. Press Corps has expanded the scope of Model United Nations, gaining more delegates from different fields such as journalism and editorial. Delegates would represent international news media e.g. CNN, BBC and Al-Jazeera instead of states or characters.


• When is the registration & how much does it cost?

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• What does the delegate fee cover?

Full-Accomodation Package:

  • Conference
  • Seminar
  • Delegate kit
  • Accommodation at Hotel The Celecton Cikarang for 4 days 3 nights (1 room for 2 persons)
  • Transportation
  • Meals throughout the conference (breakfast, lunch, dinner, coffee breaks)
  • Access to social events



  • Conference
  • Seminar
  • Delegate kit
  • Meals throughout the conference (lunch, dinner, coffee breaks)
  • Access to social events


• Where should I transfer the fee?

Bank Central Asia (BCA)

Account Number: 5680474381

Name on Account: Tresno Wicaksono

Once you have transferred your registration fee, please scan the receipt of transfer payment and send it to


• How do I get in touch with PresMUN Committee?

There are numerous of way to contact us!

Website :

Twitter: @PRESMUN

Instagram: @presidentmodelun

Facebook: President Model United Nations

Contact Person:

Alfinco  : 082277786017/alfincowilliam

Taramitha : 081298008609/taramithamelia