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Femi Rachma Pertiwi (USG of Substance)
Greetings, distinguished delegates and journalists! My name is Femi Rachma Pertiwi, majoring in International Relations for the second year in President University. It comes to our understanding that the threats in security still exist without a lesser sense of urgency, although we are entering a modern era which is indicated with globalization and the use of technology. With the objective to have a safe and sustainable future internationally, it is important to understand each of the threats, to find the most visible solutions with the existence of cooperation and consensus agreement between the states in the United Nations (UN). With that being said, PresMUN 2019 will entertain the delegates with different dimensions of security threats which are concentrated on each of the councils starting from GA ECOFIN, UNSC, UN Women, UNESCO, Crisis Committee and Press Corps for the journalists. In return, we expect the delegates to have a critical thinking in considering the various core of problems which involve many actors and for journalists to perform a decent news-writing and reporting skill. On the behalf of Substance division, I hope all of you can enjoy this MUN and explore your abilities to showcase the best version of yourself!

Warmest Regards,

Femi Rachma Pertiwi

USG of Substance for PresMUN 2019