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Dominique Angie Veronica Runtukahu (USG of Substance)
Greetings, future delegates! I am Dominique Angie Veronica Runtukahu, a sophomore majoring in International Relations in President University. This year’s PresMUN puts the focus on technological advancement that could quite put both an advantage and disadvantage for us humans. To envision and exquisite outlook is to look forward for the future that can be made together through the call for global synergy and cooperation with all by means of peace and prosperity. But first, it is significant to see the way technology is designed to either make our lives well or to be destructive for us, mankind. This correlates with how the distribution of power on technology should be addressed prospectively with its regulations. Delegates have to take account the long-term solutions that can be synched through, despite different interests and obligations until there can be a clear pathway to reach an exquisite outlook. In this case, technology has created cyber-space, to an extent in which delegates will also have to see different spheres and cope with how cyber space is dynamic for the protection of privacy and data especially when the cyber domain is still unexplored to its most. This encompasses the five different topics and councils that each has its own goal to reach a better future! Substance team and I have put our ultimate effort thus we do hope you will be enthused.

Warmest Regards,

Dominique Angie Veronica Runtukahu

USG of Substance for PresMUN 2018