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Crisis Committee

Cabinet of Wakanda: The Aftermath of Infinity War


Crisis Committee is a type of Model UN council; categorized as unconventional. Unlike other councils, here, delegates could represent more a state – but also characters with missions to complete. In this council, delegates may explore a world of unlimited fantasy and travel to the past or even the future.

"A Letter from Djalia"

Dear my people,

After the encounter between humans and Thanos, the future of nations became fully ambiguous. The Infinity War was a momentum unlike anything of the history; it was beyond any predictions that no countries may escape, even for my Wakanda. With the toll of the Infinity War and the decision of your King, T’Challa, to transform Wakanda into a state that truly contributes to the International Community, Wakanda is no longer the same. Security, social, economy –, every single aspect of my Wakanda are now uncertain. Now, I am here to challenge, to beg, and to see you Delegates, to seat in the positions of my Ministers; to decide what Wakanda should do; to hear my people and give what they need; all for the future of my Wakanda

-Bast, Protector of Wakanda


Anggoro Galuh Pandhito
Anggoro Galuh Pandhito is a senior year student from Universitas Jenderal Achmad Yani, majoring in International Relations while enjoying his minor on International Security. He has indulge himself in different position in MUN since 2012 with PRESMUN marking his 44th conference.and he has been fortunate to attend and received awards in various International Model UN conferences such as but not limited to: Harvard National MUN 2013, ROME MUN 2013, ECOMUN 2013, MUN ISTANBUL 2013 and EUROSIMA 2014. He was also the President of the Bilkent MUN Society from 2014 – 2015 and had the immense pleasure of chairing in different International Model UN conferences such as ROME MUN 2014, MUNBU 2014, Morocco MUN 2014, MUNTR 2015 and the list goes on. Dreaming of working in the United Nations, Pandhito has given his life to Model UN and the art of public speaking with results that can be seen from both his academic and non-academic career. Currently serving as a member of the DIAS in Cabinet of Wakanda, he wishes to create a platform for risk-taker and young diplomats to have a productive, creative and meaningful debates. He wishes you all the best of luck.

Co Chair

Equilibrium Tampubolon
Equilibrium is a second year student studying International Relations in Universitas Padjadjaran. He takes special interest in the field of security and defense. In the realm of Model United Nations, he has participated in several crisis councils as crisis staffer, formulating realistic crises that kept delegates at the edge of their seats. In essence, he puts an emphasis in substantive knowledge, and he hopes for his delegates to be creative yet realistic in creating recommendations and coming up with solutions to the issues at hand.


Ni Putu Ardilayanti
Ni Putu Ardilayanti is a sophomore student at President University majoring International Relations. Being an MUN-ers has been her passion, in result she has been joining several MUN in the past years such as IMUN 2017. The dynamics within could not be forgotten by her along with friends and wonderful memories. Nevertheless, one important thing that she always remembers is that "people who has a good logic, great confidence and amazing persuation will get along and be the leader."


Joshua Mahawira Aswinabawa
Joshua Mahawira Aswinabawa is a student majoring in International Relations with Diplomacy as his concentration from President University, Indonesia. He is honored to serve the delegates in his third PresMUN. After years of his search of passion, aside from books and chess, he had found that MUN - especially Crisis Committee - has become a place for him to enjoy new experiences and learn new lessons. His love for Crisis Committee took him to more and more conferences in Indonesia and abroad. He says that your decision to take part in this marvelous journey this year will be unforgetable and worthy; because PresMUN's Crisis Committee is an arena for passions to be discovered, potentials to be developed, and ideas to be delivered; all wrapped in thrilling excitement. That being said, Josh along with the Crisis Team are looking forward to have you here, in PresMUN 2018.

Chong Mi An
Despite being Management student in President University, Chong Mi An has always been attracted to philisophy, IR and New stuff! Relatively recently entering into the world of chaotic crisis council in MUN, she has joined few including Padjaran Model United Nations crisis council being granted the best delegate and position paper award. She believes presmun will be the epitomy of thrilling, nail-biting, memorable event for those who seek to experience a genuine crisis.

Febryan Sukma Limanus
Febryan Sukma Limanus is a President University first-year student majoring in International Relations. His MUN journey started in President MUN 2017 as a delegate, since then he became interested to further more enhance his skills in the MUN world and managed to joined other several MUNs too and will be joining other abroad MUNs. For him MUN is the platform to learn with fun. Currently, he is active in the Substance division of PUMUN Club with the specialization in Crisis Committee. He has chaired in some internal MUNs and will be chairing in other external MUN also. As the Crisis Staff in this year's PresMUN, he is looking forward to see the innovative and wonderful ideas from the delegates.