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Crisis Committee

The 10th Man Council: Against All Odds. Against All Enemies


Crisis is a council that has become a trademark from President Model United Nations. Crisis council operates differently, compared to the other councils in MUN as it could flare a hostile situation anytime. Although to deal with crisis situation is not pleasant as it is in real life, but the joy and the excitement cannot be denied either. This year, this council will bring the delegates into an alternate universe where the scope of the crisis does not involve only military aspect but also politics, economy, social and environmental ones. Thus, “to be understood immediately, behave accordingly.”

"The 10th Man Council: Against All Odds. Against All Enemies"

Chinese supremacy is no longer a myth, it is a reality. Chinese military posts are located almost everywhere in Asia. Belt Road Initiative is an on-going program supervised by the United Nations (UN) and the Chinese government. An era where there is only one superpower, an era where their own existence is challenged by another superpower: the United States. Propagandas, battles, and accusations have colored the relationship between U.S and China in the past 60 years. Many have suggested that both parties should arrange a peace talk. But when the national interest is at stake, it seems no one would make a deal nor bargain. An attempt for invasion from the US was reported but many have said that the government of China should react peacefully. With their military prowess and their status as a superpower state, many have suggested China not to react with an aggressive attitude. But when survival is at stake, would you like to talk your way out or pick a gun instead?


Lyon Hadid
Lyon Ghuroba Hadid is a third year student in Faculty of Law, Universitas Indonesia. He have a deep interest on International Issues. Through MUN, He pursue the topic that concern him the most, like Arab world politics, border disputes etc. Recently he joined the Special Session of Arab League (Crisis Committee) in Singapore MUN 2018 which make him more into the Crisis Committee due to the fast paced nature that Crisis Committee offer. After SMUN 2017, Lyon learned from his mistake and manage to snatch awards in BMUN 2019. Beside crisis He chaired in Last year Jakarta MUN Legal Committee. He also join IHR MUN 2019 and able to snatch Bests Position Paper and Best Delegate. He can’t wait to see your enthusiasm in this year President MUN Crisis Committee! He have another interests of course other than MUN, like comic books, movies, and sports.

Co Chair

Febryan Sukma
Febryan Sukma Limanus is a thrid-year student of International Relations at President University. He has been doing MUN since his first year and somehow addicted to it. He sees MUN not only as a platform to enhance diplomatic and public speaking skills, but also getting new friends and connections at the same time. Crisis committee will always have a special place in his heart. His first mun was a crisis committee at President MUN 2017, since then he has attended several crisis committee in national and international conferences. Being in crisis gave him chances to use his imagination and wild thought as crisis required the delegates to take actions in the dynamic council. He has successfully snatched several awards in crisis committee as delegate, and lead several councils as chair.


Lukas Mikael
Lukas Mikael is a third-year undergraduate student from President University who concentrates in Defense and Strategic studies. His journey at MUN began a year ago at PresMUN 2018 and since then he has joined several MUNs. He is a big fan of Hannibal Barca and Attila The Hun where their greatness and intelligence in orchestrating a war inspired him. This affected his life and made him invest most of his time reading books about war stories and military strategies.

Devina Adisesha
Devina Adisesha is a third-year student of Parahyangan Catholic University. In the midst of the drowning tasks of an architecture student, she managed to spare the time and energy to indulge in one of her escapes that is Model UN. She found the stars to her sky when she stumbled upon the crisis council. When she’s not pushing directives, you can find her hunting sunsets or digging the secrets of life through physics, psychology, and pop culture especially the MCU.

Aliva Zennedya
A rarity in the MUN scene, Aliva Zennedya Kurnia is a Psychology student from Universitas Indonesia. She is most fond of the unpredictable and dynamic nature of crisis committees, having been a delegate and awardee in four of them. To name a few, she was awarded Honorable Mention in AMUNC 2018 and PresMUN 2018. Her chairing debut was in LabsMUN 2019 JHCC, and prior to that she contributed as staff of crisis division in IMUN 2018. With a penchant for writing thrilling narratives and roleplaying, Ined hopes to give PresMUN 2019 delegates an immersive crisis experience to remember.

Muhamad Dafiryan
Hello, delegates! Dafi is a junior year student, majoring in International Relations. He takes interest in high politics, music, coffee and is likes to travel. Despite being relatively new in MUN, he managed to snatch outstanding delegate in PadMUN crisis and honorable mention in UNSC IHR MUN and always looking for new challenges. He believes that MUN is the right platform to learn and grow. He expects a lot of chaos in this council, as it is often said that crisis brings the worse side of people. See you in PresMUN, delegates!