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International Telecommunication Union (ITU)


ITU is a part of United Nations specialized agency for information and communication technology (ICTs). It helps to manage and control emergency services and power networks as well as allocating global radio spectrum and satellite orbits to further develop technical standards that ensure networks and technology to seamlessly interconnected. Furthermore, the council strives to improve ICTs to underserved communities worldwide.

Topic Description

Topic A:
Preventing Cyber-terrorism on Youth

With the advancement of technology and the usage of internet for youth development, the cyberspace security issue becomes a threat in the international realm. The Federal Bureau of Investigation defines cyber-terrorism as politically motivated attack against computer data, program, and information and resulting in the violence against non-combatants. Although there is 1,000 U.S Government and Military work, ISIS has lured the young people on social media to be recruited as potential members with spreading their “false ideology” through Twitter, Facebook groups and websites.

Currently, there is no specific framework or international effort implemented in preventing cyber-terrorism on youth. Thus, the council of International Telecommunication Union with the Topic A of "Preventing Cyber-Terrorism on Youth" in this year's PresMUN encourages delegates to find preventive measures and create an effective framework in protecting the youth.

Topic B:
Eradicating the Global Health Crisis by the Utilization of Artificial Intelligence

The existence of Global Health Crisis (GHC) can be proven by looking at the increasing rates of deaths caused by diseases in the past view years. Based on World Health Organization (WHO), 40 million people died world-wide due to non-communicable diseases (NCDs) such as cancer, diabetes and other chronic lung diseases in 2015. The death toll saw a 23 percent increase since 2000. In addition to that, 1.3 million people died of communicable diseases (CDs) such as hepatitis, HIV/AIDS, Ebola, etc. In fact, the increase of the death caused by those diseases because there is no potent medicine, late to handling the diseases, or the negligence of doctors and hospital.

The deaths were partially caused by the unavailability of potent cure, the negligence of medical professionals and hospitals, and the slow treatment of the diseases. The use of technology in the form of Artificial Intelligence is one of the solutions to help cure the diseases. According to Allianz Worldwide Care, AI can be used to monitor our health through a number of applications and wearable devices like Fitbit. Furthermore, AI can also help medical researchers and practitioners analyze the medical and research data on various diseases. The use of Artificial Intelligence is expected to improve healthcare worldwide. We hope that the delegates can analyze the impact of the use of AI in healthcare.


Natasia is a student of Faculty of Public Health, Universitas Indonesia. In regards to MUN, she has got the chance to be a delegate, chair, as well as secretariat, such as chairing at EuroMUN and AMUNC 2018. She is also currently serving as the Secretary General of UI MUN Club. She hopes she can help you in gaining valuable experience in PresMUN, while in the same time, hopes to learn a lot from you. She can not wait to meet you in PresMUN 2018!


Joana Da Costa
Joana Da Costa is a student in President University majoring in International Relations. She has been involved in MUN since 2016. Model UN is currently the activity that she loves the most. Since high school she loves to join debate competitions and succesfully brought some awards. Her Model UN experiences as a delegate, includes competing in 3 MUNs in which she has gained 2 awards in total, not much but she is trying to grow more and more and this year she will attend an International MUN.

In this council she expects the delegates to come up with brilliant ideas to solve this issue and she do believe that all delegates will have so much to talk upon regarding the topic thus, she expects a dynamic discussion.


Vanessa Mayumi Wen
Vanessa is currently an undergraduate student majoring in International Relations of President University. As for MUN Club since High School but officially joined her first MUN on 2017 at Asia Youth International Model United Nations in Kuala Lumpur. As she joined President University MUN Club, she joined ALSA MUN at Bandung. She is looking forward to see the great discussion from delegates in this council