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Press Corps


Press Corps acts as a part of the international journalism body and represents the agency news rather than the state delegations, which makes it different from other conventional delegates and councils. Press Corps journalists play an important role in bridging the United Nations (UN) and the global community, training critical thinking in the method of news-writing, and representing civil liberty. Press Corps journalists have the rights to interview other chamber delegates, analyze the process of running the MUN, and publish the results of the report through online platforms at the conference.

Job Description

Press Corps delegates are going to provide informations retrieved from other councils and write an interesting news like a real journalist.


Distinguished delegates, welcome. Mayang Lestari is an International Relations student of President University batch 2017. Experiencing MUN is the right step when she was still confused in carrying out her focus in international relations. As a student of Diplomacy concentration, Press is the right platform to practice analytical skills, information accuracy, and public speaking that is equipped with the ability to write, gather, and express information in the media. From her MUN experiences, especially in Press Corps such as in President MUN and Padjadjaran MUN, it made her realize that Press can influence the running of the diplomatic process and the heat of the debate in the council. Let's give more impact in MUN via Press. The experience and skills offered will be more challenging and ready to make journalists become heroes in President MUN 2019.