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Press Corps


As part of the body of international journalism, Press Corps delegates will listen, observe, and analyze the situations that are occurring in other chambers and compose their writings which will be published as reports, articles, opinions as well as updates on online platforms throughout the conference. They will also be granted the privilege to interview other delegates inside or outside the chamber. Delegates would represent international news media e.g. CNN, BBC and Al-Jazeera instead of states or caracters.

Job Description

Strongly built upon the idea of freedom of expression, Press Corps manifests modern democracy in the midst of global politics. Since its establishment and first introduction as the United Nations Correspondent Association (UNCA) in 1948, Press Corps has continued to serve the global society through providing insightful information in the pursuit of education and connectivity. In President Model United Nations 2018, press delegates are going to provide information regarding various events to link and create interactive connections between the delegates and councils. It can be transcended in the form of reports, opinions as well as updates on online platforms. Thus, it is of utmost importance for press delegates to possess the skill of journalism and writing, as well as basic principles of mass communication.


Tasya Irawan
Tasya Irawan is a law student in Universitas Gadjah Mada, who has been involved in the world of Model United Nations since her first year of study. Having joined many different councils such as DISEC, UNHRC, as well as Press Corps in different MUNs across Indonesia and abroad, she finds joining MUN as a journalist as a very unique yet rewarding experience. She has previously chaired in the Press Corps of Bali World MUN 2017, Diponegoro MUN 2017, Airlangga MUN 2018, Taylor's Lakeside MUN 2018 in Kuala Lumpur, and she is currently serving as the Under Secretary General in JOINMUN 2018. Prior to that she has won Best Journalist awards in JOINMUN 2016 and AYMUN 2017. She is beyond excited to meet and work with the bright individuals in PresMUN 2018, see you all soon!

Co Chair

Jennifer Reva Anton
Jennifer Reva Anton is an International Relations student in President University. Since she was very young, she has been highly interested in international issues. She has also participated in numerous competitions ranging from speech, essay writing, to economics and business competition. These experiences will surely be her cornerstone to reach her goal which is to become a diplomat. PresMUN 2016 was the first MUN she has participated in. Since then, she always wants to know and see more about MUN. She also joined ALSA MUN as a delegate in UNHRC and Jakarta MUN as a press delegate. Other than MUN, she also joined Foreign Policy Community of Indonesia to support her career-related activities record. It is such an honor for Jennifer to serve you as the Director of Press Corps in PresMUN 2018.