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United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)


UNDP is one of the executive boards under the UN General Assembly. This council is working in 170 countries and helps to develop policies, leadership skills, partnering abilities, institutional capabilities, and build resilience to sustain development.

Topic Descriptions

Topic A:
Rural Development: Poverty Alleviation through Information and Communication Technology

Rural areas confront important challenges and issues as it possesses less accessibility and connectivity than other more strategic areas, such as central towns and suburbs. The problem includes a lack of public transportation, human services, medical professionals, and education facilities. Given the condition, poverty in rural areas is thought to be more persistent than urban poverty. However, UNDP sees that the rampant development of information and communication technology (ICT) in the 21st century might potentially help to alleviate poverty in rural areas. This year’s President Model United Nations will seek to increase the mutual interaction between ICT and the pursuit to reduce rural poverty.

Topic B:
The Development of Indigenous People in the midst of Modernization

In the era of modernization, the existence of indigenous people is being threatened by the advancement of technology. Consequently, they are being disrespected and treated differently thus their original identity and culture starts to be neglected. For more than a hundred years, the indigenous communities have clung to their traditions and they are unwilling to assimilate with the modernized groups. In fact, modernized groups have a hard time accepting the fact that indigenous communities cannot keep up with technology and innovations. Therefore, the development of these Indigenous people is being questioned whether they must conform to technology or adhere to ancient traditions.


Leonardi Ryan Andika
Leonardi Ryan Andika is a third-year Accounting student at Universitas Indonesia. He has joined various national and international MUNs, both as a chair and delegate where he became the Director of World Bank in EuroMUN 2018, Director of UNCTAD in Taylor's MUN 2017. Currently, he is the Secretary General of H!MUN 2018 and UI Official Delegation for AMUNC Sydney 2018. Aside from MUN, he actively joins debating while he became the octofinalist in IVED 2018, Pre-Semifinalist in Padjadjaran Debate Championship 2017 and breaking adjudicator in JOVED 2016, IVED 2017 and ALSA E-Comp UI 2017. In his 22nd MUN conference, he is looking forward for substantive and passionate and incredible President MUN 2018 delegates


Tengku Nabila Azhariani Syahputri
Tengku Nabila Azhariani Syahputri is in her second-year in President University majoring International Relations. She has joined several MUNs such as President MUN 2016 where she got the Honorable Mention award, Dipenogoro MUN 2017, Padjadjaran MUN 2018 where she snatched the Most Outstanding award, and many others. She also has several chairing experience both in internal and external MUN. She has no plans to stop doing MUN in the future. She is now also serving in the Substance Division of PUMUN club. She looks further for the delegates to have substantive and fruitful discussion in this year's PresMUN.


Winda Prastika Johan
Winda Prastika Johan is a first-year student in President University majoring in Communication Studies. Prior becoming the chair of PresMUN 2018, she managed to join several MUNs and she's eager to join more. She sees MUN as a stepping stone for someone to have wider connections, knowledge, and experiences. As a part of UNDP, she's very excited to look forward to potential ideas and fruitful discussions in the council.