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United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women (UN WOMEN)


UN Women is one of the United Nations agency that focuses its activity in enforcing gender equality and empowering women in many aspects. UN Women was also established to support its members to create progression to help a better situation and cater the need of women. UN Women is working to also support the Sustainable Development Goals in gender equality in several priority sectors such as women’s participation, equal rights of income and job opportunities, violence-free life and the room of improvement for women to be able to contribute more.

Topic :
The Threat of Cultural Practice: Understanding the Damage of FGM against the Rights of Women

Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) involves the practice of removing and damaging a healthy and normal female genital tissue which could destruct the functions of girls' and women's bodies, especially their reproduction and urinary system. There are several different procedures and objects of removal in FGM even though all of it is still applied in women’s genital area. FGM is executed for a non-medical reason as it is not defined as any other health practices by the World Health Organization (WHO). Many of the world citizens condemn this practice as a violation of women’s rights and putting their lives in danger. However, the practice is still being done in some countries due to the norm and culture as well as the construction of beliefs amongst society. Therefore, the progression of women’s rights, treatment, and dignity are being questioned due to this cultural practice full of risks. Should this habitual action continue or being eradicated from the list of the world’s culture?


Patrick Kurniawan is a third-year International Relations student at Bina Nusantara University. Since his freshman year Patrick has joined various Model UN conferences, both as chair and delegate. Some of his awards include Best delegate of Padjadjaran MUN, President MUN, Bandung MUN, UII MUN among others. Patrick also chaired in AOSIS Penang Model UN in 2018. “Get involved as much as possible, and please display the level of respect for the very nations you are representing. Also, get me some ice creams”. That’s his advice to the delegates of UN Women President MUN 2019.


Rey Abraham is a President University student majoring in International Relations. Being involved in MUN world has become his passion that continues his MUN journey until the most recent MUN like International Human Rights MUN 2019 and Bandung MUN 2019. He is currently the substance division member of PUMUN club. He believed that MUN can open wider opportunity for those who seek for development in negotiation and critical thinking skill. He also sees that President MUN 2019 can bring further improvement to the better world discussion in the future.


Greetings Delegates,

It is with the greatest pleasure to welcome all of you to the UN Women Council of President MUN 2019. Jocelyn Aprilia is currently on her third year studying Law in University of Indonesia. UN Women, specifically, will be discussing about the practice of FGM that has raised controversy between implementation of traditional culture and violation of women’s rights. She is looking forward to hear your perspectives during the conference. It will be her honor to ensure that your experience within the debate session as well as throughout the conference will be an enjoyable one.