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United Nations Security Council (UNSC)

The Global Proxy War in Syria


The United Nations Security Council (UNSC) is one of the main six organs of the United Nations (UN) with the primary responsibility to maintain the international peace and security by issuing and dispatching a consensus agreement. The UNSC itself consists of 15 members where 5 of them are the permanent ones, well-known as the P5, while the other 10 members are elected for two-year working terms.

Topic :
The Global Proxy War in Syria

Syrian Civil War that has engulfed since 2011 has destroyed most of the Syrian economy, infrastructure and facilities. Once a formidable power in the Middle East because of oil and the influence in the region, the Syrian Arab Republic has fallen into the most destructive position it has ever been. This perfect moment became the holy grail for a foreign power to interfere directly or indirectly, so they would have total domination and influence in the region. The involvement of these foreign powers prolongs the suffering and the destruction of Syria.


Ichsan is currently a junior year undergraduate student in the Department of International Relations Universitas Indonesia and now serving as Secretary General of UI MUN Club. A not-so-avid but actually avid MUN-ers, Ichsan joined the MUN circuit since his high school days and not looking back ever since. Gathered couple awards and also several losses, MUN helped Ichsan a lot, whether the academic insight he gained from researching the topic, connection with other delegates that he forever cherished or chances to explore cities and countries in between and after the council session. He loves to read and post white letters on top of black background as Instagram stories, but beware because it’s usually filled with his daily rant or thoughts.

Co-Chair 1

Hello, delegates!
Meet Karl Gading Sayudha. He will be your co-chair for PRESMUN United Nations Security Council 2019. He is currently studying in the third semester at President University majoring in International Relations. He started his MUN experience in 2019 at Sampoerna University International Human Rights Model United Nations and will join many more national plus international MUN as the time fly. For Karl, involving himself in MUN is one of his precious moment and he is also encouraging many students to participate in Model United Nations around the globe to gain valuable experience. He is hoping the best of luck for delegates.


Muhammad Enrico Santoso, or Eric in short, is a student of Gadjah Mada University, majoring in International Relations, and currently focusing on Peace and Conflict Studies. It is a great privilege, to be chosen as the chair of this year’s President Model United Nations, especially as a chair of the Security Council, a council preferred as the most advanced council. However, fear not, delegates. Since you will be guided by him and Ichsan as your chairs! Make this chance as your time to achieve a very memorable experience!

Prepare your suits, speeches, and substances, delegates!