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by Oliva Dwi Nastiti, Al-Jazeera
Updated: 10:33; Saturday, September 17, 2016

Cikarang – West Java, Al – Jazeera [BREAKING NEWS] Crisis Committee in sudden have to held conference on midnight, they are on the Andromeda ship, but they didn’t have key to open any door.

They got a message from the other captain that also trapped in The Red Planet Odyssey, which needed the team help. But while she made a video log. Suddenly, there is something attack her.

They got message from the God that in the captain cabin, there is also the rules for the Andromeda ship, but once again, they didn’t have any key to open captain’s cabin. Because of the main deck is dark, it is hard for them to think clearly.

Lately, the crew realize that the only functioning room on the main deck is only the Captain’s cabin and the Cryo Chamber. This room also show the potential clue about what happen in Andromeda ship.

The crew started imagine the one in the Cryo Chamber is the alien, but the message from God said that that is a girl inside the chamber, the crew planning to split to find the other information, but the rules said they cannot split, they supposed to be together.

But, suddenly the commander said that is not a girl. It is an alien. The crew should be aware because they didn’t know what is exactly in the Cryo Chamber. They decided to open the Cryo Chamber because the message from God said that, she is not the captain, she is just a girl. The crew decided to prepare the guns, so when the girl being dangerous for the crew, they are ready to kill or injured the girl anytime.

Finally, they opened the Cryo chamber and the girl is in shocked, as she have just opened her eyes for 10 years old sleep. She is injured, because she got the disease and she is put in the box. The doctor suggest her to sleep again until they can get ship to back to earth and pick her again.

Suddenly, her chest burst open, and alien in all of her bloody chest. The crew shocked and some of the crew with gun started shooting her and realize that is the Giant Queen Alien and looking at the door seeing the crew. The crew run immediately to the main cabin.

Their journey is not finished yet. They do their best to back to the planet Earth. Let’s assure the information through today Press Conference.

September 17, 2016

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